The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman

A Grassroots Education Movement and Real Reform Studios Production

Challenging “Waiting for Superman” in Kappan Magazine

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“Our film was not the first nor the only thing to clue people in to the dangers of the corporate reform movement, but ‘The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman’ has proven to be an important piece of the ever-growing pushback and effort to preserve public education. ”

-Mollie Bruhn in Kappan on the making of “The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman.”



One thought on “Challenging “Waiting for Superman” in Kappan Magazine

  1. I’m struggling to get many charter school principals to even look at my alternative ELA virtual curriculum, linking language, literature, media literacy and life skills, particularly self-actualization. Fun fact: Together with several of my colleagues at an LAUSD high school that later became one of the first to be “adopted” by Eli Broad’s Green Dot system, I attended a pre-release screening of An inconvenient Truth. During the subsequent Q&A, Guggenheim revealed he was at the preliminary stage of researching his next project, an expose of the public school system and the need for workable charter models. After the Q&A, we enthusiastically informed him that we teachers were actively investigating affiliated charter school frameworks, which allowed for alternative curricula. With equal enthusiasm, Davis got me in touch with Steve Barr of Green Dot, who was helping his research. After contacting Barr and informing him in some detail about our efforts, , he insisted that Green Dot wanted to hear more about our suggestions. However, in spite of our numerous attempts to follow up, he never responded, and Green Dot as well as Guggenheim’s project, became propaganda for a superficially safe program and advocating better standardized test prep, but not much else of anything to encourage 11th and 12th graders possessing a variety of backgrounds, proficiencies, goal and interests to try to prepare for college of any sort nor any other academic endeavor.

    So DG was made aware of other ways he could have made his points without deciding to create an infomercial for the likes of LAUSD’s unpopular former superintendent John Deasy, Betsy “profound mental loss” DeVos and former AG Eric Holder, by unjustifiably asking us to hop on the bandwagon and root for desperate parents and kids to win their admissions lottery. the film sequence beginning at 55:56 of “The Inconvenient..Waiting..” was particularly illuminating.

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